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Let the ShooDog fetch you great values on footwear and accessories for your family, and friends! FACTORY OUTLET FOOTWEAR & MORE


Active Fashion Ultralight. Flexible. Innovative.

Virtually weightless flexibility

Engineered for lightness that will give you freedom of movement with virtually weightless flexibility. Streamlined to focus on the essential elements of comfort.
  • Lightweight genuine leather upppers
  • Lightweight MaxumLite® Performance PU Outsole
  • Lightweight glove-like construction
  • Genuine Premium leather uppers for breathability and durability
  • Lightweight construction for a glove-like fit. Foam padding cushions and supports.
  • Slip-resistant MaxumLite® Performance PU Outsole Removable footbed
  • Supportive, cushioned comfort with a heel cup for added stability
  • Flexible construction for fluent, natural motion.



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