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When something feels right, you just know it. It’s that moment when all the right elements come together perfectly to create something that feels like it was designed especially for you.

Softspots knows that footwear with the right blend of comfort, function and style has the power to make you feel beautiful inside and out — even transform your whole outlook.

That's why our expert designers combine the best in comfort technologies, such as our exclusive PillowTop™ technology* footbeds with feminine looks and fresh, modern details for shoes that feel simply wonderful from the moment you slip them on.

inside softspots comfort

Designed to intuitively respond to your unique weight, temperature and movement, our patented PillowTop™ cushioning technology contours to your foot with every step, making your shoes feel as soft and comfortable at the end of the day as the moment you first put them on. This temperature-sensitive custom-molding technology helps distribute your weight evenly to reduce stress on pressure points, for a soft, inviting feel with all-day comfort.*




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